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Welcome new LCN player [DEX]falaaa .
23 September 2016

Welcome new LCN player Kruzi.
08 September 2016

Cossacks GG Cup 2, read more
04 September 2016

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  1000, 0 pt
  1000, no market, 322
  5000, 0 pt
  $$$, 10 pt
  $$$, 0 pt
  $$$, AOP
  No art, 5000, 20 pt
  Ukraine, 5000, 20 pt
  No rules, 5000, 30 pt
  No rules, $$$, 10 pt
  Sea, 5000, 30 pt
  К3: 1000, 0pt
  К3: No art, 5000, 20pt
  К3: No art, 5000, 10pt
  C3: 5000, 15pt
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League Cossackers Net
version 3.3

© LCN & Rliga Team
2005 - 2013

Project adminstration

League administrators (Active):
  • GROZNY - Admin from 2015. Engaged in the parsing routine, the registration of players. In his spare time stream. Admin

League administrators (Inactive):
  • [SPaM]Br_Fred_msk - admin from 2009. Creator of the third (current) version of LCN, more known under the name of LCN-Revolution. Author of idea and one of the 2 creators of At the moment inactive, engage in technical support of the sites and
  • [Kiev]Br_JOHN - admin from 2005. League creator. Author of the first version of LCN. Long time was inactive. However, in the end of 2011 returned to admin work. Admin
  • [Troya]Victor - admin from 2009. Lcn lawyer. Creator of herald (vestnik) of lcn and a number of journalistic projects. Editor of league regulations. Admin Currently inactive.
  • [Troya]Vadim_PCT - admin from 2009. Admin
  • [Lviv]ROlcoM - admin from 2006. Creator of the second version of LCN. One of the 2 first admins and the creators of At the moment inactive, deals exclusively with the technical support of the sites and
  • [USSR]Br_BAKU - admin from 2005. Translator of the League into English language. Admin At the moment inactive.
  • [-UNION-]VOIN - admin from 2006. Lcn lawyer. Nowadays oversees the registration of players in the league and engage of appeals. Admin
  • [-UNION-]Vano - admin from 2014. moderator from 2012. supervises options: 1000 0pt and 1000 n/m. leads news and journalistic projects (chief editor of the blog, herald (vestnik) and news section). Admin
  • [U309]Mr_Flox - admin from 2014. moderator from 2012. supervises options: Seawars 30pt, $$$ AOP and No rules $$$ 10 pt, as well as work in social networks
  • [-SKY-]JIeLLIka - admin from 2014. Moderator from 2014, in charge of selecting the standard. Responsible for the registration of new players in LCN and the fight against cheats.
  • [-UNION-]IronMan - admin from 2014. Moderator since 2014, in charge of selecting sea 30pt, big Vars and Ukraine 20 PT. The strongest player LCN, the first place in the global ranking.
  • [ZION]^Jakoff13 - moderator from 2012; supervises options: $$$ 10pt, and $$$ 0pt. Admin
  • [VVV]Caries - admin from 2012.

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