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70th Peace Anniversary 8th May 1945 - 8th May 2015

Friday, 8 May 2015
Рубрика: English | Комментировать (15)
Просмотров: 399

Here comes a non-Cossacks-related theme and yet worth to be mentioned! A little blueprint of my thoughts...

8th May 2015

It's been today 70 years ago when the most terrible war ended the world has ever seen. There are still people who experienced those cruel days and they can talk about things that i personally can not even imagine. Me, as an open-minded, interested, and tolerant person, can not fully understand that once my whole country and most of Europe has been destroyed and in ashes. It's beyond imagination. Every year the 8th May is a reminder of the 70 years of enduring peace that our continent managed to achieve together and a reminder of the fact that such a kind of war may never happen again!

The 8th May 1945 was more than just the capitulation of the Germans or the victory of the allies. It's rather been a victory of freedom, prosperity, tolerance, peace and justice over an incredible tyranny, unjust, hatred, evil and madness. One may hate the European Union for certain reaons, but as a matter of fact tying Eurpean nations closer together by economical and cultural exchange was the key for peace on the European continent. I don't know how it is in other nations but especially here in Germany there are many documentations of the war on TV all the time and if you see the pictures of completely wiped out German cities it helps me remembering over and over, why a war such as this should never happen again.

I don't feel guilty as a German for what happened, because i don't represent the generation who was in the war, but i feel responsible as a human being to avoid that something like that would ever happen again! That should be the case disregarding one's nationality!

I enjoy having friends or acquaintances from all over the world. A key for peace is mutual understanding and speaking the same language. Understanding a foreign person lowers prejudices.

Cossacks was not only a game for me. It turns out if was for me also a tool for getting in touch with so many people all over the world in the last 14 years. I will never forget the experience i have made with the people - good or bad.

I learned that even if we speak different languages, we have the same problems, the same hopes, share the same thoughts, are afraid of the same things and live the life pretty much the same way all together.

There are no celebrations here today, it's a day on which one should be silent and reflect what has happened for it shall never happen again.

Yours sincerely


Разместил: [KGR]Catweazel

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добавлено 8 May 2015  20:05

Good words, I agree with you

добавлено 8 May 2015  20:19

 good cat

добавлено 8 May 2015  20:20

очень липкая

добавлено 8 May 2015  20:46

Never Again. We are remember 1939-1945

добавлено 8 May 2015  20:46

 I drink today, I can do this?

добавлено 8 May 2015  21:56

i suppose you use many occassions for drinking , am i right pingwin? hehe :D

добавлено 9 May 2015  13:11


добавлено 9 May 2015  18:11

Nice! Nice! Nice! Its very interesting to hear opinion of German about the 2nd World Warwell written

добавлено 10 May 2015  16:51


добавлено 11 May 2015  14:28

 Так вот что чувствуют люди не понимающие русского, когда вылаживают статью только на русском 

добавлено 12 May 2015  19:44

или, как вариант, выкладывают  

добавлено 12 May 2015  19:44


Гугл переводчик в помощь))

добавлено 13 May 2015  20:04

 От [-NF-]Prototype

Один кот понимает,суть годов 1939-1945,

1) war may never happen again!

2) this should never happen again.

3) that would ever happen again! 

4)it's a day on which one should be silent and reflect what has happened for it shall never happen again.

добавлено 14 May 2015  15:32

[-NF-]Baton ахаха точно

добавлено 14 May 2015  20:14

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