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Welcome new LCN player [DEX]falaaa .
23 September 2016

Welcome new LCN player Kruzi.
08 September 2016

Cossacks GG Cup 2, read more
04 September 2016

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  1000, 0 pt
  1000, no market, 322
  5000, 0 pt
  $$$, 10 pt
  $$$, 0 pt
  $$$, AOP
  No art, 5000, 20 pt
  Ukraine, 5000, 20 pt
  No rules, 5000, 30 pt
  No rules, $$$, 10 pt
  Sea, 5000, 30 pt
  К3: 1000, 0pt
  К3: No art, 5000, 20pt
  К3: No art, 5000, 10pt
  C3: 5000, 15pt
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League Cossackers Net
version 3.3

© LCN & Rliga Team
2005 - 2013


Колонки Tournaments:
  • Rliga - the oldest online poker tournament in the game "Cossacks, Back to War", which is carried out for 1 night. Every Saturday at the appointed time recognized masters and promising newcomers meet on the server of the Alligator to show all their skills. Prove that today you can be better than others! Tournaments are held on the options: 1000 0pt, 5000 0pt, $$$ 10pt, $$$ 0pt. (Forum of the League)

  • Cossacks Empires - new Cossacs Internet tournament. Do you ever dream to fight nip and tuck with your fellow-soldiers and make a powerful empire from a small province? And do you ever dream to become an emperor and with help of ruse or behind the negotiation table, or with help of power and support of faithful team-mates conquer the world? Empire gives you an unique chance to get all you need. Insidious agreements and intrigues, powder and steel, intelligence and response - use all your wealth of skills to whip, conquer or simply annihilate the enemy. Show your advantage in the art of diplomacy and warfare. Empire invites you to plunge into the world of battles where warriors give their life's blood for a new lands. (Forum of the League, rules, help)
  • Restliga - it is a regularly acting League for the game «Cossacks. War Again». This League is part of the project R-Liga, but has a separate statistics and other information resources (site, forum) as well as his administration (the first value is «Different» - another and distinct). (Forum of the League)

  • WCL - this is the championship game of the Cossacks-1 (version Back To War 1.35), which brings together like regular tournaments, as well as the temporary. Game in the WCL is on the chips. When a player is added to the tournament, he gets defined for each tournament chips. Regular tournaments are played on the seasons. (Forum of the League)

Social networks, blogs and portals:
  • Сossacks-game - This blog is dedicated to one of the best historical real-time strategy based on the European wars XVII-XVIII centuries - the Cossacks from the company GSC Game World of the COSSACKS - Back to War version 1.35. Blog lead - STRIJ.
  • Twitter - online service to of (micro) blogs. Blog leads - Mr_Flox
  • Vkontakte - The group Vkontakte dedicated game Cossacks.
  • - A large Polish portal.
  • - The official game site of Cossacks 3. Современный ремейк лучшей стратегии 2002 года - Казаков: Снова Война.
  • The official game forum of Cossacks 3, where everyone can make the game better and offer developers with good ideas for future games.
  • The group Vkontakte dedicated game Cossacks 3

Clan's sites:

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